Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Working In Hong Kong

We are proud of our work in Hong Kong, we currently work developing instructors and race coaches for the HKSF. We have just signed a new 2 year contract and we really believe we can make a difference. It's amazing to see how willing to learn the locals are and they put us to shame with their planning and learning ability.

The HKSF already had a scheme when we arrived so we have spent the last 2 years trying to tweak it in certain areas. We run instructor training as we would do in the UK and the only difference is the scheme as its got less endorsements as they are not needed in Hong Kong. There is a language barrier but it is our barrier as we don't speak in the native tongue, however we are lucky as all the locals speak English and a lot kindly have English names. They are patient with us as we are with them as we all try to move things on in Hong Kong and focus the passion for sailing there already is out there.  It's is very hard working with a scheme that already exists as there is a lot of history and expectation that comes with it.

However we know that things have started to change and people are willing to listen. All we need is to ensure the weather stays the same and the floating fish restaurant stays open as its the only place our trainer Lol says he can do coming along sides at "obviously". So thank you or as some might say M Goi Saa!!!!

Those interested in what happens in sailing in Hong Kong should check the folowing link

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Happy New Year to all for 2011

So 2011 is on us and Blueprint Watersports is looking forward to working with our industry in developing the world’s leading watersports solutions for organisations and people around the world.

With a hectic end of the year with trips to India, Abu Dhabi and St Martin in December, and the Blueprint Director Tim Hughes working out in Saudi Arabia Blueprint Watersports finished 2010 on a high.  We trained the crews of some of the world’s most prestigious Superyachts in the use of and how to instruct on Powerboats and PWC’s (Jetskis) all over the world. From the Caribbean to the French Riviera it was an amazing year meeting and training professional, welcoming crews onboard some beautiful vessels.  Our training team worked with governments and MNA’s around Asia in developing sailing, windsurfing and powerboat schemes and in December it was a proud moment for us to do the inspection to create India’s first ever YAI Recognised Training Centre.

Our management and training team has travelled all over the world from Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait to the British Virgin Islands, India, Hong Kong and Vietnam. With this in mind we felt it was time to create a blog for 2011 keeping people upto date with our travels and any small top tips we learn from either the training, the travelling or just about the marine industry!

We will try to post all the gossip from our latest trip and give you an incite into what we do!! Please have an occasional look and feel free to ask any questions. Whether a budding or experienced Instructor, A Watersports Professional or just someone looking at what we do over here in the marine industry, which we believe is growing on a global scale!!!!

Good luck to everyone for 2011,we know it will be another great year.

p.s If you're UK based don't let the snow hold you back there is always a way!!.